Export to Excel ribbon (selected items) button in Site Pages and Project Server PDPs

Jul 2, 2013 at 10:32 PM

First of all, thanks for implementing and sharing the feature. I don't know how this functionality isn't available in SharePoint OOB.

I have deployed the wsp and successfully exported items of a custom SharePoint list from the default location (All Site Content/Lists).

I have the same list in two more locations: a Site Page and a Project Server Project Detail Page. In both places I added the list using the web part that gets created automatically for a custom SharePoint list.
The problem is that your Export to Excel ribbon button doesn't appear in the ribbon in these two locations (the ribbon tab specific to lists is being displayed).

I have tried changing the feature scope from Web (current setting) to Site and even Farm to no avail. I have checked and the ribbon location in the Site Page and the PDP are the same as the one on the default SharePoint list location ("Ribbon.ListItem.Share").

Can you advise on how I can make your export to Excel functionality available in those two locations as well?